About the mod

As Momentum Mod is still early in its development timeline, we can't say for sure what will be in the mod and what won't be. We can promise Momentum Mod will offer everything current SourceMod surf and bhop servers have and more, and will be free to play! Some of Momentum Mod's confirmed features: - Singleplayer client - no server connection needed! - Client-side autobhop - no lag! - Surf ramp bug fix - no more random ramp bugs! - Proper slope boost fix - Replays and analytics for every run - Global leaderboards for every map - Entity output timing fixed - Boosters that rely on entity output timing now work as intended every time! - Play all of your favorite maps - maps compiled for CS:S will work with momentum mod without needing to do any modifications! If you own CS:S, the game's content will be automatically mounted, and you can play any CS:S map using the `map` command! Maps from other games are not directly supported and may be ported in the future. {: .list-unstyled} If you want to see what we are working on, visit our [Trello page](https://trello.com/momentum_mod){: target='_blank'}, [GitHub organization](https://github.com/momentum-mod){: target='_blank'}, or read our [dev blog](http://momentummod.tumblr.com){: target='_blank'}. If you would like to contribute to the project, feel free to [contact us](http://momentum-mod.org/contact)! We are currently looking for C++ programmers, artists, and level designers that have some sort of experience. Also, we are looking for translators to [bring Momentum to a language near you](https://poeditor.com/join/project/NsticU7iCc){: target='_blank'}! We are not in need of official playtesters at the current stage of development, so please consider joining the [Momentum Discord](https://discord.gg/wQWkRb6) for news regarding the progress to Alpha!

Who's involved?

Nick K. (Gocnak) - Project Lead

Aidan S. (tuxxi) - Programming

Nolan O. (Rusty) - Programming

Kamay - Programming

Hardex - Surf Gameplay Lead

pretzL - Level Design - Surf

masog - Level Design - Surf

Rutherford C. (RNC1839) - Level Design - Surf

Flawed Djinn - Level Design - Surf

Xtra_Festive - Level Design - Surf

LG | IllusionJM - Level Design - Surf

Martin L. (Aux) - Bhop Gameplay Lead

Jason Z. (Juxtapo) - Level Design & UI Design

Tyler S. (Zopha) - Production Designer

SethJH - Texture Artist & 3D Models

TraZox - Graphic Design

Sam D. (Beetle179) - Community Coordinator

Bocuma - Localization Lead


Acer for bug testing and feedback

Fatalis for coding

Asunaya for entity output timing fix (boosterfix)

OrfeasZ for coding

TotallyMehis for slopeboost fix

TheAsuro for coding

SethJH for 2D Art

Masog for Art / level design

Horsefeathers for Level Design

RabsRincon for website and client work

Crashfort for coding

Special thanks to...

Gus Naughton for web, server and Linux advising

Ivan Vashchaev for his JSON parser Gason

Discord, Inc. for Discord

Saul Rennison for his implementation of dynamic RTT shadows

Viva64 for their super handy tool PVS-Studio

Brian Charles for his parallax-corrected cubemaps

everyone who has ever contributed