Installation Instructions

We implore you to read [this blog post]( with regards to testing the game. Public releases are done through Steam now, and you need a Steam key in order to be able to play test, until the game is publicly released. We will continue to show how to install the last sourcemod (0.6.2) version below, but we recommend joining [our Discord server]( and waiting for when keys can be given out, if you wish to playtest more up-to-date versions. # Old (Outdated) Install Instructions: Currently, you can play the outdated pre-alpha builds of the mod. Please note: you are downloading the *pre-alpha* build! **Everything** is subject to change, many features are missing or incomplete! ## How to install: First, download Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer. You can click [here](steam://rungameid/243750) if you have Steam opened and it will start the download. After the SDK has finished installing, you can get the latest Momentum release from [here]( Download the file `` and extract the `momentum` folder inside `Steam/steamapps/sourcemods/`. Finally, restart Steam and you should see Momentum Mod listed on your Steam library ready to be played! Note: If a pop-up appears, just click "OK", as Steam has added extra security for their end-users in regards to Source mods. ## Remember that we are currently in Pre-Alpha state, and as such, the current build is NOT reflective of final quality! Many features are incomplete or entirely missing!